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You have 1 SWC and 1 R&D pack to gift to your Valentine

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form requires you to use PC/mac

This Valentines Day SGN will be giving you one single SWC plus a R&D pack to send to that someone special in the fleet. Who you send it to is your choice, your chosen fleet member could have helped you in the past with a ship build, or helped you by flying alongside you in battle, they could be a friend who made you laugh in chat, or maybe you've noticed someone who is amazingly helpful within the fleet.. Members.. Admirals.. Fleet Captains.. who ever you decide to give your gift to is your choice.
(you can only gift to one person)

On 14th Feb 2019 Valentines day, we will send your chosen fleet mate an in game email, letting them know that someone is thinking of them and has gifted them an SWC + R&D pack. You are welcome to write a note that we will include in this message. 

You can remain anonymous or we can include your name in the note. Use the form below decide who you want to receive this gift.

(Rules: you cant send SWC to yourself or @GXV3, you only have just 1 SWC/R&D to 1 single person in Stonewall Fleet, please get their @Handle spelling correct, or we are unable to send, this form will close at the end of day 13th Feb 2019)



Thanks for filling out the Stonewall Valentine form! We will send your Valentine a message in game on Febuary 14th informing them and include the valentine note (if you left one) Thank you!