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Stonewall Fleet was Founded in 2008 before the

launch of Star Trek Online, 

Making this Fleet 10 years old. To celebrate your fleets

10th Anniversary you have a chance to own and even wear

your favourite Fleet apparel sent straight to your door

from Redbubble. No profit is made from these sales,

this is to ensure that you get the cheapest prices possible! 

(Scroll down for examples of SWF apparel)

Design your own STO merch

Now you can wear your favourite ship and toon as a Tshirt, hoodie or even a mug. for full details click the button below.

Star Wars Stonewall

Fleet Wear 08

Stonewall Fleet est

SGNcrest & rainbow

Stranger stonewall

Nautical Stonewall

House of Nagh'red

Destiny 2: Stonewall Wolves

DBD: Cocky Pallet Jockeys

SWTOR: Alliance

SWTOR: Coalition

Fleet 10th Anniversary

Stonewall Pride 2019

Stonewall Pride 2020